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Chatbox Rules

Post by dmatheny on Sat Jul 30, 2016 6:54 am

At the bottom of the page there is a chatbox.  This chatbox is to allow users on the site to reach each other in real-time.  This is meant for members to communicate but is opened to anyone wishing to chat with members.  While this is The Know Your Rights! Project and we will fight to the death to protect your first amendment rights, there are a few rules we ask that everyone follow.  Violating the rules several times will result in posting privileges.

1) No Spam
2) No Harassment
3) No sex related talk
4) No threats
5) No asking for password
6) No asking for people to send you money
7) No links to anything not related to your rights

Its a fairly simple request I believe, you have your rights to freedom of speech but the good of the projects outweighs your right to post on our board.  If your actions in anyway hurts, slows down, alters any work on any of our projects and your posting rights will be removed, if need be a MAC address ban and IP address ban will be the next step.

Now with all this unpleasantness out of the way, enjoy the forums.

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